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Former Students Wish Tibetan Homes Foundation on its 50th Anniversary

Tibetan Homes Foundation 50
Tibetan Homes Foundation 50
Tibetan Homes Foundation in Mussoorie will be marking its 50 years of establishment on September 17.

Former students now scattered in different parts of the world reminiscence about their time at Tibetan Homes Foundation and express their gratitude to the school.

Listen to messages by University of Virginia Professor Tsetan Chonjore, Jampa Dolma who is based in Ohio, Finance minister of the Tibetan government-in-exile Tsering Dhondup, Kalsang Lhundup from Taiwan, Restaurant Manager Phurbu Tsering from Utah, Thinley Gyaltsen, aka Anthony from Canada.


Tibetan Homes Foundation in Mussorie was established by the Dalai Lama soon after his escape into India in 1959. The late Rinchen Dolma Taring took charge as the first General Secretary of the Foundation.

Several thousand Tibetan children have graduated from homes and are now based in different communities around the world. The Foundation has two branch schools in Rajpur and Rishikesh, with a total of over 2000 children under its care.