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Exiled Chinese Writer Invites Karmapa to Berlin International Literary Festival

Liao Yiwu
Liao Yiwu
A well-known exiled Chinese writer is in Dharamsala to invite the Karmapa to the 2012 Berlin International Literary Festival.

Mr. Liao Yiwu, who had an audience with the Karmapa on September 8, said the Tibetan religious leader was keen to attend the festival.

Although unsuccessful in bringing the Karmapa to the opening ceremony on September 4, Mr. Liao has travelled to Dharamsala to meet with the Tibetan religious leader and to invite him to attend the festival before its last day on September 16, 2012.

Karmapa, who has escaped from China into India, faces travel restrictions by the government of India. In an interview with VOA Tibetan, Mr. Liao urged all concerned parties to make efforts to enable Karmapa to visit Germany. He said he has been moved by Karmapa’s songs and poems.

Mr. Liao is best known for “The Corpse Walker: Real-Life Stories, China from the Bottom Up,” which was banned in China. In July 2011, the outspoken Chinese dissident and writer left his family behind in Sichuan and escaped into exile in Germany in 2011.