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Sarah Institute Marks Its 14th Anniversary

Debris litters the road by the coastal village in Legazpi city following a storm surge brought about by Typhoon Haiyan in Albay province, Philippines, Nov. 8, 2013.
The College for Higher Tibetan Studies at Sarah, near Dharamshala marked its 14th anniversary on Monday.

Speaking as the chief guest on the occassion, the Tibetan exile leader Lobsang Sangay addressed the ongoing Tibetan struggle for freedom. He said the Tibetan administration is committed to the Middle Way Approach and is closely paying attention to changes in China's Politburo.

Geshe Jamphel Drakpa, principal of the college spoke on the initial years of the institution and said the institute has produced more than 250 graduates since it's inception.

Sarah institute was established as a branch of the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics based in Dharamsala. The institute teaches Tibetan Studies and buddhist philosophy. Currently 328 students attend the learning institute.

About 20% of teachers serving in different Tibetan schools under Central Tibetan Administration are Sarah trained teachers, according to the Tibetan Department of Education.