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Exile Tibetan Administration Sets Up Committee to Research Bhikkhuni Ordination

Speaker Penpa Tsering presides over a meeting of the members of the Central Tibetan Administration (File photo)
Dharamsala-based Central Tibetan Administration set up a special committee of Bikshus or fully ordained monks, from all sects of Buddhism to research whether Buddhist nuns can be ordained as Bhikkhunis based on Mulasarvastivadin theory.

At the opening function today, Pema Chinjor, minister of Tibetan Administration's Deparment of Religiona and Culture said that the committee was formed as per the resolution passed at the Buddhist religious conference held in Dharamsala last September.

The chief guest at the function, former prime minister of the Tibetan administration Samdhong Rinpoche, said that this research based on ancient Buddhist texts can establish a conclusion for long term sustenance of Buddha Dharma.

Present at the function were Deputy speaker of the Tibetan Parliament-in-exile, Members of Parliament representing all Tibetan Buddhists sects and Bon religion, and a rese MPs of all the sects and Bon, the research team, Buddhists monks and nuns from Sarah College.

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