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Tibetans Appeal New President of India to Review India's Policy on Tibet

Tibetan Hold Vigil for those Self immolated at India Gate on Wednesday
A memorandum urging India's support for Tibet was submitted to Shri Pranab Mukharjee, the new President of India on Wednesday. Dharamsala and Delhi based Regional Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) and Delhi's Students for Free Tibet jointly submmitted the appeal on the president's first day in office.

Tenzin Tsundue, president of the regional TYC in Dharamsala said the memorandum appealed the Indian government to review India's acceptance of one China policy. "We appealed India's president to review India's policy on Tibet and wrote why one China policy distorts historical facts and hampers Tibetan struggle."

Another memorandum addressed to the general secretary of the United Nations was also submitted through the office of the UN information centre in Delhi. "We appealed in the memorandum to look into the plight of Tibetans in Tibet who are resorting to self-immolation protests against the ongoing Chinese brutality in Tibet." said Tenzin Tsundue.

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