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Exile Tibetan Administration Mourns Alak Jigme's Demise

Alak Jigme Rinpoche
Alak Jigme Rinpoche
The Central Tibetan Administration today organized prayers for Alak Jigme Lhundup Rinpoche who passed away yesterday. The 74-year-old former minister of Central Tibetan Administration’s Deparment of Security and former member of the Tibetan parliarment passed away Thursday around 2:15 pm at Shree Balaji Hospital in Himachal Pradesh’s Kangra district.

As a mark of respect, the departments and offices of the Tibetan Administration in Dharamsala remained closed for half a day, and held an hour-long prayer session in the afternoon .

Central Tibetan Administration Officials
Central Tibetan Administration Officials
Senior officials of the exile Tibetan Administration, including Chief Justice Commissioner, Speaker of Tibetan Parliament in Exile, Prime Minister and members of the cabinet minister, and staff members attended the prayer session held at Gangchen Kyishong. Prime Minister Dr Lobsang Sangay expressed his condolences and paid respect to Alak Jigme.

At his residence, Kirti Rinpoche, the head of Kirti Monastery and Kirti monks said prayers for the deceased who will be cremated Monday morning in Dharamsala.

Born in 1938 in Amdo Rebkong., Alak Jigme was recognized as reincarnation of late Jigme Rinpoche at 7. In April 1959, Alak Jigme escaped into India through Bhutan.