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Welcome to the new voatibetanenglish.com


Welcome to our new website voatibetanenglish.com

We hope you will find our new site easier to navigate and browse. Among the site's new features are:

More visual appeal
New voatibetanenglish.com features more videos and photos in higher resolution. You can now watch the latest Kunleng show and videos in our new and updated video player. To see higher resolution images, you can click on the photos to see an enlarged version in the article.

Easy navigation
We will continue to focus on the stories that matter to you with coverage from VOA reporters in various parts of India, North America and Europe. New categories have been added, streamlined and simplified to make it easier to find your favorite subjects.

Improved Video Accessibility
Still can't find what you are looking for? Try out our improved search, with faster and more accurate results.

Site in Tibetan and English
We have two new sites - Tibetan (www.voatibetan.com) and English language VOA Tibetan website (www.voatibetanenglish.com)

We want your feedback. If you have any comments, suggestions or questions about the new site, please leave us a comment below. You can also contacts us at VOA Tibetan at contact-tibetan@voanews.com or call us at 202-382-5569