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US Ebola Patient to Leave Hospital

This undated handout photo obtained July 30, 2014 courtesy of Samaritan's Purse shows Dr. Kent Brantly near Monrovia, Liberia.

One of two American aid workers infected with the Ebola virus is leaving an Atlanta hospital.

An aid group said Thursday that Kent Brantly had fully recovered.

Emory Hospital, where Brantly and Nancy Writebol received treatment that included the experimental drug ZMapp, planned to hold a news conference Thursday to discuss their cases.

The aid workers contracted Ebola earlier this month while working in Liberia, which has been hardest hit by the worst ever outbreak of the disease.

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The World Health Organization says 1,350 people have died in West Africa, with 576 of the deaths coming from Liberia.

Officials in Liberia have imposed a general quarantine on two suburbs of the capital in hopes of curbing the outbreak.

Liberian police on Wednesday fired bullets and tear gas in the West Point area to disperse stone-throwing protesters, who were upset by the sudden blockade of roads in and out of their neighborhood. Witnesses say at least four people were injured.