China Setences 2 Tibetan Businessmen Upto 15 years in Prison

Two successful Tibetan businessmen convicted of political activities were sentenced to varying prison terms, by the Court of Appeals of the people of Lhoka, said the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights based in Dharamsala, India.

Since their arrest, and until they appeared in court, nothing was known of the whereabouts, nor there conditions of detention.

Sonam Bhagdro, who received 15 years imprisonment and Tashi Topgyal, who will serve 5 years in prison were arrested by the Lhoka Public Security Bureau (PSB) in August 2009 on suspicion they were engaged in political activities

Sonam Bhagdro has been helping in the education of students, medical expenses and expenses of the county monastery through his business ventures. He was awarded the Exemplary Citizen of the County and was an exemplary businessman in the county loved by the people.