Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy Releases 2010 Human Rights Report

Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) today released it's Annual Report 2010: Human Rights Situation in Tibet, detailing the events of last year pertaining to human rights violations in areas of education, religious, civil and political freedom in Tibet.

According to the 90-page report, China has arrested and detained 188 known Tibetans during the last year of which 71 Tibetans have already been sentenced for various prison terms by the Chinese courts.

There are 831 known political prisoners in Tibet out of which 360 are known to have been legally convicted by courts and 12 Tibetans are serving life imprisonment, the report stated.

“The number of Tibetan arrested and sentenced by China for political activism could be higher but certainly not lesser than what we were able to document till date,” said Mr. Ugen Tenzin, the director of TCHRD.

The report covered violation of human rights in Tibet in the area of Civil and Political Rights, Religious Freedom, Right to Education and Right to Subsistence.

TCHRD is a Dharamshala-based rights group working for promoting and protecting human rights of Tibetans in Tibet and for educating the exile Tibetans about democracy.