Mongolian Dissident Missing After Completing Jail Term

A rights group said Monday that China appears to have released a Mongolian dissident, but that his whereabouts are unknown.

The Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center issued a statement saying Mongolian activist Hada was apparently released late last week after completing a 15-year term, but that state security is probably still detaining him somewhere.

The statement showed pictures of Hada sharing a meal with his wife Xinna and their son Uiles, who disappeared a few days before Hada's release. There was no indication of where the photo was taken.

The Associated Press quoted Hada's sister-in-law saying the photo was one of five on a compact disc provided to her by a man who refused to identify himself. The sister-in-law, named Naraa, told the AP she has not been contacted by Hada or his family.

Hada was imprisoned in 1996 for helping to found the Southern Mongolian Democratic Alliance, which seeks to establish political autonomy in Inner Mongolia.