Lama Sopa Tulku’s Body Paraded After Self-Immolation

Tibet monk

The body of Lama Sopa Tulku, who carried out a self immolation protest was paraded through the streets of Darlag, in Amdo Golog, by hundreds of Tibetans. Lama Sopa was the third Tibetan to set fire to himself in three days and the 15th over the last year. Darlag, Amdo is an untouched by the spate of self-immolations that have occurred in Tibetan areas over the last 12 months.

Reports say that before carrying out his act, Lama Sopa climbed a hill to burn incense and pray before distributing leaflets saying he would act "not for his personal glory but for Tibet and the happiness of Tibetans". A Source with contacts in the region told VOA Tibetan that up to 2,000 Tibetans later marched to the police station in Darlag (Dari), Golog prefecture, to urge the local police authorities to release Lama Sopa’s remains which the police agreed to in order to control the high emotions.