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Google's Chinese License Under Review

Google head office in Beijing, 30 Jun 2010
Google head office in Beijing, 30 Jun 2010

Google's web search engine in China remains partially blocked Thursday, as the U.S.-based Internet giant awaits word from Chinese government regulators that its operating license will be renewed.

Google says a feature on its search engine that provides users with suggested words as they type a query has been disabled.

The service was blocked Wednesday, the deadline for Beijing to renew Google's operating license. The state-run Xinhua news agency says it has been told by government regulators that Google submitted its application very late, but they pledged a decision would be made soon.

Google had been redirecting users to its Hong Kong-based search page since March to protest Chinese censorship and an attempt to hack into the e-mail accounts of human rights activists.

But Google senior official David Drummond said Tuesday China had warned the company its operating license would not be renewed if the practice continued.

Instead, Google has created a page with a link to the Hong Kong site for unfiltered searches. Google will continue to offer music and other services on the main China site.