Family of Dalai Lama's Nephew to Resume Peace Walk

Late Jigme Norbu

The brother of the Dalai Lama's late nephew is traveling to Florida Wednesday to resume the long walk his sibling began to call attention to the plight of Chinese-controlled Tibet.

Kunga Norbu told reporters in Bloomington, Indiana Tuesday that he and two of Jigme Norbu's sons, 13-year-old Denzil and nine-year-old Jensen, will complete the 480 kilometer walk undertaken by his brother last week.

Jigme Norbu was on the first leg of his journey when he was struck and killed by a sport utility vehicle about 40 kilometers south of the city of St. Augustine. No charges were filed against the driver.

Norbu was a native of Bloomington, Indiana, where his father Thubten Norbu was a university professor until his death in 2008 at the age of 86.