Exile Groups Report Death of Tibetan Monk Tortured By Chinese

Jamyang Jinpa/file/TibetNet

Tibetan exile groups say a Buddhist monk has died of injuries sustained almost three years ago while detained by Chinese authorities.

The groups say 37-year-old Jamyang Jinpa died at his home on Sunday. He was one of about 15 monks who angered Chinese officials by demonstrating in front of a group of foreign journalists at the Labrang Monastery in China's Gansu province in April 2008.

The press tour had been organized to show that order had been restored after major unrest in Tibet the previous month. But Jamyang Jinpa and the other monks used the opportunity to demonstrate against the lack of human rights in Tibet.

The U.S.-based International Campaign for Tibet said Jamyang Jinpa was arrested that night and held for a number of days. When he was released he was unable to see or walk, and he had been under the care of his family ever since.

His death was also reported by the Tibet Post, which is based in the Tibetan exile community in Dharamsala, India.

The reports say another monk who was involved in the protests at Labrang Monastery died on February 26. The monk, named Sangey Gyatso, was 42.