Election Commission Announces Dhomey Midterm Candidates

Election Commission announces Dhomey Midterm candidates
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The Election Commission for the Central Tibetan Administration, based in Dharamsala, North India has announced three people for Dhomey mid-term election candidate, on April 21, 2014.

The three candidates were as follows: Tashi Dhondup presently residing in Nepal, Tsangyang Gyamtso from Dharamsala, and Karma Gelek from Bandra Tibetan Settlement.

Atsok Lukar Jam, who bagged second position in the preliminary result resigned from this election. In an interview with VOA's Tibetan Service, he said that he rejected this election based on it being 'unfair' and refused to take part in it.

The Election Commissioner and Additional Commissioner answered some questions regarding the election for not obeying some rules.