Dalai Lama Begins Teaching to Mongolian Devotees

Dalai Lama Begins Teaching to Mongolian Devotees
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The Dalai Lama began the 3-day teaching forMongolian devotees at Hotel Kempenski in
Delhi, India on December 2, 2013.

Around 1000 devotees, including 737 from Mongolia and 54 from South Korea, and many others from 12 different countries including Russia, China, Canada are present to receive teachings from the Dalai Lama.

During the 3-day teaching, the devotees will receive teachings on 1. Tenbarma [longevity of the Buddha's teaching], 2.Yonten Zhigyurma [basis of knowledge], and 3. Lamtso Namsum [three principal aspects of the path]

"In the recitation, the word "Atma" occurs twice. As Buddhist do not accept the concept of Atma, one should contemplate that Atma has no inherent existence. And should think that Atma or person [gang-zag] is designated on the combination of name and form," said the Dalai Lama while reciting the eulogy of three jewels. "The special feature of Buddhism is that it is based on reason and logic, and Buddha asked his followers to follow him after investigating his own words, and not by devotion." he further added.

The teaching will conclude on December 4, 2013.