Chinese General's Son Stands Trial for Gang Rape

Li Tianyi and his father Li Shuangjiang, a general of the Chinese People's Liberation Army who gained fame singing revolutionary songs, at Li Tianyi's solo concert in Beijing, August 19, 2011.
The son of a prominent Chinese general stood trial Wednesday over his alleged involvement in a gang rape, in the latest reported case involving abuse by the wealthy children of China's leaders.

State media say 17-year-old Li Tianyi is among five men charged with raping a young woman in a Beijing hotel in February. Li's family has rejected the charge, saying it is a case of prostitution.

His father, General Li Shuangjiang of the People's Liberation Army , has gained popularity by singing patriotic songs on television. His mother is also a famous singer in the PLA.

The official Xinhua news agency says the trial began Wednesday at a Beijing district court and will be conducted in private, since the case involves juveniles. It is not known how long the trial will last.

Li has been involved in past abuses. He was sent to a government correctional facility for 12 months after he attacked a couple in 2011 after ramming his BMW into their car in Beijing.

Many in China are outraged over the behavior of the wealthy children of China's elite leaders, who are often viewed as corrupt and acting with disregard to the law.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has acknowledged widespread corruption within senior leadership. He has vowed to crack down on abuses, saying failure to do so could threaten the Communist Party's grip on power.