China Sentences 3 Tibetan Writers up to 4 Years in Prison

Tibet’s Ngaba region Chinese court have sentenced three Tibetans up to four years in prison on charges of “inciting activities to split the nation.” Jangtse Donkho, Budha and Kalsang Jinpa were detained in June and July last year for writing articles about the 2008 Tibetan protest movement in a Tibetan local newsletter, Shar Dungri (Eastern Snow Mountain).

Jangtse Donkho and Buddha were reported to have received four years each while Kalsang Jinpa was given three years. All three pleaded not guilty to the charges and in protest of the trial, the three were reported to have remained seated when told to rise to hear the verdict.

During the trial, Buddha, a medical doctor by profession, had said in Chinese that the three were being victimised due to their ethnicity and had accused the authorities of perpetrating "injustice among different nationalities."