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Karmapa’s Aide Says Ngodup Palzom, Sister of Karmapa, Has Valid Travel Documents to Visit Rumtek, the Seat of the Previous Karmapa - 2002-12-05

Ms. Ngodup Palzom, sister of the Karmapa, has valid travel documents to visit Rumtek Monastery in Sikkim, the seat of the previous Karmapa. Recently a number of reports in the Indian papers said that the sister of the Karmapa had disappeared and some reports said that she fled from Dharmsala. Mr. Gonpo Tsering, a key aide to the Karmapa, says those reports are totally baseless. She had all the necessary travel documents to visit Rumtek Monastery. But because of all those rumors, the Religious Department of the Tibetan government-in-exile requested her to return to Dharmsala and she did so of her own free will, said Mr. Tsering.