China's Wen Hopes for Peaceful Year With US

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao says China does not want 2010 to be, as he put it, "an unpeaceful year" for trade and economic relations with the United States.

Mr. Wen made the remark in response to citizen questions during an online chat Saturday.

He said that sound Sino-U.S. trade relations would bring fundamental benefits to the people of both nations.

China and the United States have been involved in several trade disputes in the past year. Washington has imposed import duties on several Chinese products including tires and steel tubing. China has responded with its own penalties on imports of U.S. chicken and some steel products.

Mr. Wen said trade disputes should be resolved through negotiation on an equal footing, not sanctions.

China's official Xinhua news agency says the premier answered citizens' questions on the government Web site, www.gov.cn and Xinhua's Web site, www.xinhuanet.com.

It says Mr. Wen urged the United States to loosen controls on exports of hi-tech products to China and acknowledge China's market economy status. Mr. Wen reportedly promised that China will create "favorable" conditions for foreign enterprises, but will treat foreign companies according to Chinese laws.