China Arrests 94 Xinjiang Fugitives བོད་སྐད།

Chinese authorities say police have detained 94 people who fled the western region of Xinjiang after deadly rioting there in July.

A report by the official Xinhua news agency says the 94 people were caught as part of a monthlong "strike hard" campaign to crack down on crime.

Xinhua quotes Xinjiang police as saying the crackdown was aimed at consolidating stability and eliminating security risks.

The report did not say how many of the 94 were Muslim Uighurs minorities and how many were members of China's Han majority.

Many of Xinjiang's Uighurs resent Beijing's heavy-handed rule in the region, their traditional homeland.

Turkic-speaking Uighurs accuse Chinese authorities of decades of religious, political and cultural oppression, charges Beijing denies.

July's ethnic riots were the worst in China in decades, leaving nearly 200 people dead and injured more than 1,600 others.

Five months after the riots, Xinjiang remains under heavy security, with Internet access cut and direct international calls blocked.