Tibet Says China is Planning Security Crackdown བོད་སྐད།

News reports say Chinese authorities have decided to launch a "strike hard" campaign in Tibet ahead of next month's celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of communist rule in China.

The reports say details of the campaign -- which would bring increased security to Tibet -- were posted Tuesday on the Tibet Daily.

The Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy has expressed concern about the possible crackdown. In a Wednesday article, the group says Chinese security forces may "abuse" Tibetans' human rights with procedures such as arbitrary arrests and detentions.

Earlier this month, China announced it was deploying thousands of paramilitary police to Beijing and other sensitive regions as part of a security operation for National Day celebrations.

The government also said armed forces would guard major sites and streets in areas, including the western region of Tibet.

Anti-government protests erupted into deadly riots in Tibet last year.

Chinese officials say 21 ethnic Han and Tibetan civilians and one police officer died at the hands of rioters.

Tibetan exiles say more than 200 Tibetans were killed in Tibet and adjoining areas during China's subsequent crackdown on the anti-government protests.