Official Acknowledgment of Suicide of Monk after Protest due to "Stress" བོད་སྐད།

The Chinese authorities have made a rare admission that a Tibetan monk committed suicide due to "stress". Forty three years old Shedrup had been tortured in custody after protest at his monastery in Rebkong county in Amdo in April 2008.

Xinhua report said that Sheldrup was found dead on March 9, 2009 in his monastery after hanging himself with two Khatags. ICT said that according to information recieved from Tibetans knew Sheldrup, he was detained following peaceful protest at his monastery on April 17, 2008, when he and several other monks demand release fo monks detained during initail wave of protest a month previously.

He was taken into custody and beaten severly and later released. But local authorities then published his name and details among other on wnated posters, indicating he would detain again. Shedrup left monaster to go into hiding, during which time his health deteriorated and he committed sucide in March 2009.

According to ICT’s monitoring and research, several Tibetans monks, nuns and laypeople have resorted to suicide in acts of despair and of protest.

Information for this report was provided by Xinhua and ICT.