Tibet Protest Monks Reach Dharamsala to Study Buddhism བོད་སྐད།

Amdo Labrang monastery monks who last year protested against China’s rule and spoke with foreign reporters in front of cameras have eluded Chinese Security and reached Dharamsala on Sunday.

The five Tibetans are Gedun Gyatso, Kelsang Jinpa, Jamyang Jinpa, Losang Gyatso and Jigme Gyatso.

Gedun Gyatso and Kelsang Gyatso took part in the protests in Sangchu County in Labrang on 14 March 2008.

On 9 April 2008, Jamyang Jinpa, Losang Gyatso and Jigme Gyatso spoke openly in front of a visiting international media exposing the repressive policies initiated by the Chinese authorities in Tibet and the state of Tibetans living under constant fear and intimidation.

They spent the past one year in forest fearing arrest and torture by the Chinese authorities and finally managed to flee Tibet, escaped to India via Nepal facing many hardships. Two monks spoke to VOA upon their arrival at the Tibetan reception centre at McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala.