TCV School Children Protest  at Chinese Embassy in Delhi བོད་སྐད།

Ten Tibetan students were detained by police Monday after they stripped and chained themselves to barbed wire fencing outside the Chinese Embassy to protest the sentencing to death of two Tibetans by a Chinese court, police said.

Police used wire cutters to remove the chains, bundled the protesters in their underwear into vans and whisked them away.

The students who had just finished their board exams of Class X and XII, suddenly appeared in their underwear and chained themselves onto the barbed wire that surrounds the Chinese Embassy and shouted slogans to protest against the on-going repression in Tibet and to show their solidarity to the Tibetans inside Tibet.

Around 100 police personnel had a hard time to break the chains fastened the barbed wires. The students were from Bylakuppe and Gopalpur Tibetan Children's Village School.