China Fears Tibetans' Pledge Not to Celebrate New Year བོད་སྐད།

Tibetan rights groups are planning to protest against China's ongoing harsh repression by not celebrating New Year and China is persecuting and arresting anyone in favor of the boycott.

Talking to Asia News Students for a Free Tibet's India Director, Tenzin Choeying says Beijing is trying to show that everyone is happy because of higher standards of living; that only a few disgruntled people are protesting. This is why the Chinese authorities have handed out 500 yuan to each Tibetan to buy firecrackers for Losar (Tibetan New year),'' Tenzin said. ''At the same time police have told hotels in Xiahe(Gansu) that the city was closed to foreigners.'' Also in other parts of Tibet police have arrested many Tibetans on suspicion of supporting the no-celebration Losar campaign.

Information for this report was provided by AsiaNews and Tibetpost.