Tibetans Cancel New Year Celebrations to Mark 'Black Year' བོད་སྐད།

Four Tibetan exile NGO groups announced today they will cancel Tibetan New Year celebrations to mourn the deaths of over two hundred Tibetans killed by Chinese forces following the uprising in Tibet last year.

According to the Tibetan lunar calendar, February 25th will mark the first day of year 2136. Instead of the usual celebrations marked by singing, dancing and other festivities, silence will be observed and butter lamps will be lit in the temples and homes to pray for the deceased, called on Tibetans worldwide to organize similar observances in their communities.

"This year, we honor the sacrifice of countless Tibetans who rose up to show China and the world that even after 50 years of brutal occupation, Tibetans are determined to regain our freedom," said Dr. B. Tsering, president of the Tibetan Women's' Association. "We mourn our brothers and sisters who were killed in China's violent crackdown while we stand in solidarity with those who continue to suffer under China's totalitarian rule."

Organized by The Tibetan Women's Association, Gu-Chu-Sum Ex-political Prisoners Movement, National Democratic Party of Tibet and Students for a Free Tibet.