China Imposes More Religious Restrictions in Tibet བོད་སྐད།

China has imposed more religious restrictions in Tibet today, including not allowing the Tibetans to possess photos of the Dalai Lama and forcing people to criticize the Tibetan leader.

According to new arrivals from Drongpa Dzong (West Tibet ), Tibetans in Drongpa Dzong are not allowed to congregate for religious activities and strict order given not to perform religious acts at home. A family member can read or recite scriptures at home, but invitation of monks or nuns to recite sutras (Buddhist scriptures) at homes is strictly forbidden now.

Monasteries in Drongpa Dzong have to seek permission to carry out regular religious services and when the permission is given, Chinese security officials watch the proceedings. A foreteller was warned not to perform oracle and Chinese security officials confiscated his head ornament in the first week of December 2008.