China Reimposes Ban on International Web Sites བོད་སྐད།

China has apparently resumed blocking several foreign Web sites, just months after removing the ban for the Beijing Olympic Games.

Among the sites blocked since Monday are Reporters Without Borders, Amnesty International, the BBC's and VOA.

The Web sites had been unblocked shortly before the start of the Games, which were held in August.

Liu Jianchao, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, says he is unsure about the specific cases involving each Web site, but says the government is managing the Web sites according to law. He claims some Web sites violate the country's anti-separatist law by promoting a "two Chinas" policy that calls for an independent Taiwan.

The Web sites were unblocked after lengthy talks between Chinese officials and the International Olympic Committee. Beijing had earlier promised unfettered media and Internet access during the Games. The Beijing Olympic Committee later said journalists would have full access to sites not deemed illegal by Chinese authorities.