Taiwanese Former President Ends Hunger Strike བོད་སྐད།

Taiwan's jailed former president has ended a more than two-week long hunger-strike to protest his detention on corruption charges.

Jail officials said President Chen Shui-bian ate a small portion of porridge Thursday shortly after noon.

Mr. Chen was hospitalized for four days earlier this month after going on the hunger strike. He launched the strike to protest his detention on charges of graft, bribery, illegal possession of state assets, and other offenses.

Mr. Chen began the hunger strike hours after he was detained earlier this month (November 12th).

Mr. Chen has denied any wrongdoing and accuses his successor, Ma Ying-jeou, of bringing the charges to appease China and help improve relations with the island's large neighbor.

President Ma has denied the allegations.

Last week, thousands of Taiwanese rallied in the island's capital of Taipei to show support for the former president who was detained earlier this month on corruption charges.

Organizers say at least six thousand people filled a city park in Taipei protesting the accusations as politically motivated.

Taiwan and China split in 1949 following a civil war. China still claims Taiwan. While president, Mr. Chen worked tirelessly to promote what he argues is Taiwan's separate identity from China.

Mr. Ma has sidestepped the issue and focused more on economics instead of the touchy issue of sovereignity.