Photo-Exhibition by a Tibetan Pilgrim བོད་སྐད།

Tenzin Paljor, a young Tibetan photographer, currently based in Kabul, Afghanistan, organized a photo exhibition titled " A Tibetan Pilgrim: Travel Through the Vanishing Himalayas" at India International Centre, New Delhi from 20 - 27 August 2008.

The exhibition includes photos of his travels to Indian Himalayas from Zangskar to Mon Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. He has plans for photo documenting the religion and culture of entire Himalayan belt bordering Tibet including Nepal and Bhutan. The Indian Himalayas, says Paljor, offers a glimpse of Tibet for those Tibetans in exile who have not seen their homeland. He has traveled to and documented many pilgrim sites in other Buddhist countries also. Apart from that he has documented the Bamiyan Buddhist sites. The world famous huge colossal Buddha statue 53 meter high in Bamiyan was destroyed by Talibans in March 2001. During Kushan dynasty, King Kanishka helped to grow Mahayana Buddhism in this part of the region. From then on till the 9th century A.D. around 2000 monks lived there. The local people of Bamiyan are the descendants of Mongolians who came during the time of Changhiz Khan.