Strong Earthquake Rattles Tibet

A strong earthquake and powerful aftershocks have hit China's southwestern region of Tibet, rattling people as far away as New Delhi.

There were no immediate reports of injuries after the quake struck Monday evening local time (1322 UTC) near the Chinese-Nepal border. The Tibet Earthquake Bureau (www.eq-xz.net) says officials are headed to the area to assess the situation.

A local government official in Tibet told China's official Xinhua news agency that the quake caused cracks in some buildings.

Xinhua says 18-thousand people live in the area where the quake struck -- Drongpa county, in Tibet's southern Shigatse prefecture.

The U.S. Geological Survey says the earthquake had a magnitude of six-point-three, while Xinhua reported a magnitude of six-point-eight.

Chinese state media said Monday that the death toll from last week's tremors in neighboring Yunnan province has climbed to five. Authorities say the quakes also destroyed more than 11-thousand houses.