Mongolian Parties Get Together to Urge Against Violent Protests

Mongolian political parties have set aside their differences temporarily to sign a joint declaration urging the nation against any repeat of this week's election violence.

Ruling and opposition parties issued a declaration Friday urging the public to maintain peace and calm. Earlier this week, allegations of election fraud triggered violent street protests.

Five people were killed and more than 200 others were injured during the riots in Ulan Bator, prompting President Nambaryn Enkhbayar to declare a four-day state of emergency.

The opposition Democratic Party plans to ask the Mongolian Election Commission for a recount of ballots in some election districts.

According to preliminary results, the ruling Mongolian People's Revolutionary Party won Sunday's parliamentary elections.

Independent observers say they saw no major irregularities in the balloting.

The preliminary results show the ruling party capturing 47 of parliament's 76 seats, and the opposition Mongolian Democratic Party winning 26 seats.

It is not clear how many seats are disputed.

President Enkhbayar hosted today's meeting between opposition and ruling parties in an effort to prevent renewed violence. The country's state of emergency is expected to be lifted late Saturday.