Lhasa Monks all but Vanish in Chinese Crackdown བོད་སྐད།

Reports from foreign reporters who were invited to cover the Lhasa leg of the Olympic torch, reported that the monks in major monasteries in Lhasa have seem to vanished and not be seen.

For example, the Globe and Mail reported that 550 monks of the Sera Monastery had virtually disappeared from sight. Most building and outdoor areas at the monastery were nearly empty and only about 10 monks could be seen. since the Tibetan uprising in March - found that the monks were almost entirely gone from the city streets, even in the historic quarter around the Jokhang temple, the holiest temple in Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan exiles, who have contacts in Lhasa, say the monks have been subjected to severe restrictions for most of the past three months, since the wave of anti-government protests that erupted in March.