China Quake Delays Talks Between Tibetan Exiles and Beijing

Talks between the Dalai Lama's representatives and the Chinese government have reportedly been postponed due to last month's massive earthquake in China.

An aide to the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader Tenzin Taklha told the Reuters news agency Friday that the talks were originally scheduled for June 11th. He said it is now hoped they will take place at the end of this month.

Also Friday, a Tibetan government-in-exile spokesman told VOA Tibetan service that reports that Norway is mediating a deal between China and the Dalai Lama are false.

One of the Dalai Lama's envoys told VOA last week that the Dalai Lama has asked China to detail what actions the Nobel laureate could take to resolve the Tibet issue.

The envoy, Lodi Gyari, was one of two Tibetan representatives who met with officials in China last month, following several weeks of Tibetan demonstrations in western China.

The Indian-based Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy has reported small protests by Buddhist nuns in Sichuan province in recent weeks.

A Western human rights group complained last week that foreign journalists are unable to verify reports about China's crackdown on Tibetan protesters. The Paris-based Reporters Without Borders says foreign media have been turned away from Tibetan areas of Sichuan province, including quake-affected areas.