Actress Sharon Stone Apologizes for China Earthquake Remark

Hollywood actress Sharon Stone has apologized for recently suggesting that China's deadly earthquake may have been bad karma or retribution for China's policies in Tibet.

Stone's apology was issued Thursday along with a statement from French fashion house Christian Dior. Christian Dior says it has pulled Stone's advertisements from stores in China after her remarks sparked an uproar in Internet chat rooms and in the Chinese media.

A commentary by the official Xinhua news agency today dubbed Stone a public enemy of all mankind.

Stone says she is deeply sorry that her remarks upset Chinese and for the harm her comments had caused. She also said she was willing to take part in the relief work of China's earthquake, and help those affected by the quake.

Last week, in a red-carpet interview at the Cannes Film Festival, Stone said she was concerned about the way Tibetans were being treated in China.

She said she did not think anyone should be unkind to anyone else and suggested the earthquake was bad karma, adding that when you're not nice, bad things happen to you.

In March, China harshly cracked down on anti-government unrest in Tibet.