Pro-Tibet Demonstrations Held Around the World Monday བོད་སྐད།

Hundreds of Tibetan exiles and their supporters gathered outside the White House Monday to appeal to President Bush to condemn China's crackdown in Tibet.

The demonstrators called on President Bush not to stand next to Communist Party officials at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics in August.

Pro-Tibet lawmakers addressed the demonstrators. Congressman Neil Abercrombie told VOA that lawmakers will create a Tibet caucus to focus on the issue.

In India, Tibetan exiles marched to the Chinese embassy in New Delhi to deliver more than one million names from an Internet petition. The petition calls on China to respect human rights and begin talks with Tibet's exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.

Anti-China demonstrations were also held in Indonesia, Nepal, and Europe Monday. In Nepal's capital, Kathmandu, police detained more than 200 people after they tried to gather in front of a Chinese embassy building.

Tibetan exiles have held demonstrations in Nepal nearly every day since March 10th, when protests began in Lhasa. Nepalese riot police have broken up the rallies with baton charges, and arrested hundreds of demonstrators.

Nepal's Home Ministry has said it will not tolerate protests against nations with which it has friendly relations, such as China.