Commotion Between Two Communities in Sog County Lead to Arrest 30 Tibetans

A commotion between the migrant Chinese Muslim traders and Tibetan youths on 27, June 2007 in Sog County, TAR and subsequent protest by about 800 Tibetans against the highhandedness of the Muslim traders has led to the arrest of around 30 Tibetans. The commotion broke out in the county while transacting medical plant caterpillar fungus. TCHRD sources reported that initially two Tibetan youths were said to have been tied-up and beaten by a group of the migrant Muslim traders of the area. After that incident, hundreds of Tibetans gathered to protest against the treatment meted out to the two Tibetan youths. The subsequent protest incident in Yagra neighborhood has led to the arrest of 30 Tibetans by the Chinese authorities.