Dalai  Lama Never Called for Expulsion of Non-Tibetans from Tibet: Tibetan PM-in-Exile

The Tibetan PM-in-Exile Samdhong Rinpoche has said the Dalai Lama never called for expulsion of non-Tibetans from Tibet and that the Dalai Lama is not against Chinese people migrating to Tibet. Reacting to Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao's comment, Rinpoche said "His Holiness wants nothing more than to preserve Tibet's culture," adding that the Dalai Lama has nothing to do with the Taiwan issue.

Wen, addressing a press conference in Beijing after the National People's Annual Conference, called the Dalai Lama a secessionist who wants the majority Han community and other non-Tibetan ethnic people to be moved out of Tibet.

"They are saying His Holiness is demanding for the expulsion of the non-Tibetans in tibet. His Holiness never said that. The Demographic change which caused disappearance of the Tibetan spiritual and cultural heritage and Tibetans becoming a minority in their own land is not good. So, according to law, if the Tibetan issue is resolved , His Holiness and Tibetan people would see it that the ordinary Chinese people living in Tibet should not have any problem," said Rinpoche.

Some information for this report was provided by Ani and Reuters.