Tibetan Rights Group Releases 2006 Tibet Human Rights Report

The Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy (TCHRD) released its Annual Report 2006 on human rights situation in Tibet.

The executive director of the TCHRD, Ugyen Tenzin drew an outline of the human rights situation in Tibet. He said that the there is no improvement in human rights condition in Tibet and instead it becomes worse year by year.

"In last year the Chinese government has carried out campaigns like strike hard and patriotic education, as a measure to ensure stability in the region.

The Tibetans have to live under fear and there is no peace in their heart, thus they risk their lives to escape from Tibet.

The large number of Tibetan escapees in 2006, increased in number of political prisoners and arbitrary arrests in Tibet bear witness to the deplorable situation in Tibet, Mr. Tenzin said.

information for this report was provided by tibet.net and TCHRD.