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Nepalese Govt., Rebels Resume Talks to Secure Peace Deal

Nepal's government and Maoist rebels have entered what many hope will be a final round of talks aimed at ending a decade-long conflict.

Both sides are working to finalize a deal Tuesday, after negotiating late into the night Monday in Kathmandu.

Negotiators achieved a breakthrough Monday when the rebels agreed to lock up their weapons and place them under United Nations surveillance. Under the agreement, the Nepalese army would lock up an equal number of weapons.

A senior leader of the Nepalese Congress Party Arjun Narsingh says the two sides must still agree on the shape of the interim government, the future of the monarchy and other political issues.

The Maoists have been fighting to topple the monarchy since 1996. They declared a cease-fire in April after King Gyanendra gave up absolute power following mass protests.