Human Rights Group Protests Chinese Shutdown of Internet Site

An international human rights group is protesting the Chinese government's shutdown of an Internet site critical of Chinese policies in Tibet.

In a release Monday the New York-based group Human Rights Watch criticized the closure of the blog (Web log, or internet log) run by Tibetan writer Oeser, who lives in Beijing.

The group says she was the first writer inside China to openly criticize Beijing's role in Tibet and urge China to negotiate with the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.

Human Rights Watch says Oeser is a Tibetan scholar who has written poems and prose about Tibet and China. Her books are not available in China and she has used the Internet to disseminate her writings.

Chinese troops entered Tibet in 1950. China says the Himalayan territory has been part of China for centuries, but many Tibetans say their region is independent.