India Blames Pakistan for July Train Bombings

Indian police say they have evidence that Pakistan's military intelligence agency masterminded the July 11 train bombings in Mumbai that killed nearly 200 people and wounded more than 800 others.

At a news conference Saturday, Mumbai's police chief said Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence Agency planned the attacks, which he said were carried out by the Pakistan-based Islamist militant group Lashkar-e-Toiba.

The militant group, which is fighting Indian rule in Kashmir, has denied involvement.

Pakistan immediately denied the allegations. Its deputy information minister, Tariq Azim, demanded that India provide Islamabad with any evidence it has.

The explosions on packed commuter trains in Mumbai prompted police raids on the city's Muslim ghettos and the questioning of hundreds of people across the country.

After the bombings, India halted a two-year-old peace process between the nuclear-armed neighbors. It said the attackers had support from across the border.

But earlier this month, the two countries decided to resume peace talks and establish a joint mechanism to fight terrorism.