Rights Group: Shanghai Police Detain Activist Lawyer

A New York-based human rights group says a Chinese activist lawyer has been detained by Shanghai police just a month after being released from prison.

Human Rights in China says more than a dozen police officers burst into the home of lawyer Zheng Enchong Wednesday evening, removing a computer and some documents.

The group says police took Zheng to a police station later that night on suspicion of impeding government officials from carrying out their work.

His wife, Jiang Meili, was also breifly detained for questioning. It is unclear whether Zheng is still in custody

Zheng had been released from prison last month after serving a three-year sentence for allegedly providing state secrets overseas.

He had come under government scrutiny after helping disgruntled residents seek compensation from a Shanghai developer after they were evicted from their homes.

The rights group says authorities in Shanghai have restricted Zheng's movements and prevented him from seeking legal counsel since he returned home from prison. The group says authorities also prevented him from receiving an identification card so he can get a job.