Gunmen Kill 9 Workers, Mostly Nepalese, in Indian Kashmir

Authorities in Indian Kashmir say unidentified gunmen have killed at least nine workers and wounded several others in a village in southern Kashmir.

Indian officials say a group of militants attacked the laborers Monday as they were working in a brick-making furnace in the village of Badru in the district of Anantnag. One of the workers who survived the attack says the gunmen were dressed in army uniforms.

Authorities says six workers were shot dead on the spot, and three others died later of their wounds. They initially identified the dead as Hindu workers from India's eastern state of Bihar, but later said most of those killed were from Nepal.

Earlier Monday, suspected Muslim separatists threw three grenades at a crowded bus station in Jammu, killing at least one person and wounding some 20 others.

The attack took place during the morning rush hour, causing panic among commuters, who included local residents and Hindus gathered for an annual pilgrimage to a nearby shrine. Muslim militants have attacked the Hindu pilgrims there several times in the past.