Nepal's Parliament Unanimously Passes Resolution Curtailing King's Powers

Nepal's parliament has unanimously approved a resolution to curtail King Gyanendra's powers.

The resolution strips him of his legal immunity, takes away his authority over the 90-thousand-strong army and gives it to parliament, and also cancels his privilege of not paying taxes.

The government will no longer be known as "His Majesty's Government" but only as Nepal's government. The country will also become a secular state, and no longer a Hindu nation.

Earlier Thursday , Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala told parliament that the resolution represents the feelings of all people in Nepal.

Curtailing the king's powers was a key demand during last month's pro-democracy protests, which forced King Gyanendra to give up total control of the government and to reinstate parliament.

Nepal's interim cabinet banned rallies today near the parliament after people demonstrated there two days ago against the delay in curbing the king's powers.