Suicide Bombing Near Iraq's Interior Ministry Kills 4 Police

Iraqi authorities say a suicide bomber killed four policemen and wounded four others in Baghdad Thursday.

Police say the bomber blew himself up near a police vehicle outside Iraq's Interior Ministry. In a separate attack in the capital, a roadside bomb killed a U.S. soldier.

Meanwhile, U.S. General Donald Alston said Thursday that U.S. forces expected insurgent attacks to increase after security measures imposed for Iraq's elections were lifted. But he added that security operations and the participation of Iraq's Sunni Arabs in the political process are diminishing insurgent capabilities.

Sunni Arabs and secular Shi'ites have alleged widespread fraud after initial vote tallies showed a strong lead by a key Shi'ite coalition. But the U.N. advisor to Iraq's election commission, Craig Jenness rejected their calls to hold another vote, saying this month's was credible.