Two Nuns' Journey from the Remotest Corners of India and Nepal to Geshema Status.


Geshema Lhamo was born and brought up in Nepal’s frontier region Mustang or Lho while Geshema Tenzin Lhadron was born in India's northern most border area Zanskar, Ladakh. While both of them became nun at young age, Geshema Lhamo was the first female to become nun from Mustang or Lho area. Last year, they were awarded the highest degree in Buddhist doctrine or philosophy called Geshema along with several other nuns and thus became the first nuns in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition to reach the highest pinnacle of academic excellence. Their journey from the remotest Himalayan corners of Nepal and India to their Buddhist academic success and achievement is a story of courage, ambition, perseverance, and sacrifice. On this week’s Table Talk, we invited Geshema Tenzin Lhadron and Geshema Lhamo to discuss their journey from the remote and isolated corners of Nepal and India to nunhood and finally to Geshema status and also the impact and influence of their degree in their hometown.