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China Stops Tibetan Horse Festival, Arrests Two Organizers

Tibetan men race their horses
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Tibetans in Lathong, Chamdo County, Eastern Tibet were ordered by the Chinese authorities to cancel their planned township horse festival two months ago.

According to a source in Dharamsala, North India, the officials arrested two Tibetans suspected as the organizers of the traditional festival about a week ago. Although one of them was later released, the whereabouts of the other remains unknown.

Nyingmig, who is originally from Lhathog and currently resides in Dharamsala, tells VOA that the winter horse festival was planned and announced via Wechat, a social media app. Another Tibetan in New Delhi who wants to remain anonymous confirmed the arrests of the individuals.

Severe restrictions placed on the internet and communication within the region has made it difficult to obtain further information on the detainees.